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Workshop Description

Perks & Peeves of Turning 65

There are lots of perks coming the way of 65-year old seniors, but there are also lots of peeves which we need to be aware of so that we can prepare ourselves to deal with them should they come our way. 

A major peeve is grieving from losing a partner, friend, beloved pet or some of your independence such as giving up your driver's licence.  This can lead to depression and isolation which in turn can increase your decline in both physical and mental health.  Tips will be offered to help you through a healthy grieving process so that you can eventually move on with your life.

This workshop will celebrate the rewards of becoming an official "senior" but it will also inform you of some of the more negative aspects of aging and how to recognize when you need to ask for more help and where that help is. 


  1. Collecting CPP, OAS, GIS from Federal Govt.
  2. Travel & Transit discounts
  3. Seniors programs & activities
  4. Banking discounts
  5. Discounted prices for entertainment
  6. Retirement (perk or peeve?)


  1. Loss of loved one(s)
  2. Loneliness/Isolation
  3. Financial anxiety
  4. Failing health
  5. Losing independence
  6. Memory loss

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