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This section offers a library of dozens of articles to assist in your research.  Many of these articles appear elsewhere and credit has been given to the authors.  They can be viewed as downloadable PDF files which you can print out for easier reading or copy to your own computer to access later.

Links of Interest:   Check out Care Homes in B.C.

This section is for those who enjoy surfing the Internet and doing their own research.  There is also a section on Financial Supports.  Some of these websites have not been updated in a while and some information may be out of date or incorrect.  If you find a link to be discontinued or have wrong information on it, please let us know...   Contact Us.

Virtual Workshops:   (Coming soon - members only section)

As workshops and information sessions are held around the lower mainland, they will be uploaded to this site for people to view for a small subscription fee at their leisure.  It will include detailed information and steps for completing all aspects of "Your Future Life Plan".