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Savvy's Custom Packages

Special Introductory Offer for Savvy's Custom Package

Savvy's Custom Package will save you many hours in determing what you want or need to do your own research.   It is available through this website, workshops or from the initial free interview with a Savvy consultant.  It will be customized to your particular situation and location.  We offer hard-copies or e-copies at a reduced price.  The Savvy Custom Package includes:

  • Details on housing options in both the public (funded) and private sectors for your area of choice
  • List of supports and resources in your community for seniors choosing to stay at home
  • Contact information for helping services such as Care Aids, Medical Equipment, Nurses, House Keeping, Handypeople, Food Delivery, Companions, Information sources, Home Renos, Movers, etc.   
  • How to navigate the health care system both private and public. This includes finding you a case manager and getting assessed for eligible care services
  • How to find financial subsidies to help with rent, medicines, food
  • Understanding the various End-of-Life Agreements and how to get them.
  • List of important website links to assist in your research
  • How to determine which facilities are most suitable to your changing needs
  • Information about pet rescue organizations if needing to relocate pet(s)
  • The following articles are also included:
    • Adapting your home (for aging in place)
    • Advocating for a family member
    • Aging and Mental Health
    • BC Housing Registry for Subsidized Housing
    • Costs Associated with Assisted Living
    • Does Aging Mean You Need to Move?
    • Information about Subsidized Assisted Living
    • Managing your Parents' Move from Far Away
    • Moving in with a Child:  Should You Do It?
    • "My Voice" Advance Care Plan Worksheet
    • Personal Inventory Worksheet
    • Planning for Future Care
    • Subsidized Housing

We also recommend the publication "To Move or Not To Move" which is both current and local to British Columbia.  It is $9.95 and can be shipped with your package, or ordered from