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Exercises:  For Making A Future Life Plan 


Finding Your Best Care Home within BC's Health System

This workshop is for families who are in transition.  Your loved-one's care needs are increasing and home support services may no longer be enough.  This can be a very difficult time as it is emotional and the elder may be resisting the fact they need more help.  If increasing dementia is an issue there are also legal matters to consider.  Staying at Home, Public and Private care will be explored.  The group will work through some exercises based on case studies.

Exercise 1:  Your Priorities and Limitations

Understand your situation and what the best possible outcome is for yourself or your loved one(s).  Current home, income categories, mobility, cognitive impairment, medications and legal agreements will be discussed.

Exercise 2:  List the Characteristics of Your Dilemma                                  

Strengths - Step back and take a look at your strengths either as the elder or the caregiver.                                                                                                         

Weaknesses - Think of any areas of weakness that exist as the elder or the caregiver. Expectations - What expectations do you have for yourself or of your adult children.

Exercise 3: Create Strategic Alternatives                                                      

Strategize how to Maximize Your Strengths, Manage Your Threats and balance your expectations.

Next Steps

1. Do the strategies align with your priorities?
2. Decide which strategy or strategies to pursue
3. Create an Action Plan
4. Implement, evaluate and improve the plan as situations change


This workshop will be your foundation for choosing and developing strategies toward implementing a Future Life Plan, while being realistic in what you can and cannot manage on your own. 

Worksheets Provided.